We are a dynamic team of seasoned experts dedicated to mission execution.

Celeres Logistics' mission is to deliver leadership, reliability, accountability, and expertise across diverse sectors, including government logistics, transportation, warehouse management, manufacturing, and beyond.

Our unwavering commitment lies in harnessing both present and emerging technologies to address the complex demands of the global landscape. We cater to the United States Government, foreign allied government agencies, and commercial clients alike, ensuring their evolving needs are met.

Celeres Logistics


Strategically aligning our clients' goals and objectives with the available resources and assets to support their strategic objectives.


Efficiently coordinating the movement of goods and resources to meet delivery targets and optimize supply chain performance.


Applying knowledge, experience, and expertise to consistently deliver proven results, ensuring successful mission completion, while recognizing that each mission serves as a valuable rehearsal for the next.

Our Capabilities


Elevate LOGISTICS: Harnessing the expertise of seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide agile, globally responsive, and cost-efficient joint logistics support. This support is indispensable for the deployment and sustained backing of Armed forces. Our teams are composed of SMEs who excel in a multitude of roles, encompassing Property Book Office management, Property Book clerks, logistic supply specialists, forklift operators, warehouse specialists, project managers, team leaders, logistics planners, with specialized focus on military training exercise logistics, and a diverse range of other skilled professionals.

Facilities management

Covering all aspects from maintenance, repairs, and operations to modifications of buildings, utility systems, structures, mechanical and electrical equipment, security, computers, elevators, pest control, fire safety systems, hazardous waste handling, warehouse automation, communication devices,  ground equipment, exterior lighting, and comprehensive grounds care.


Precision in planning and executing the seamless movement of personnel and equipment, ensuring strict compliance with DoD and regional movement regulations, while fostering seamless collaboration with organizational movement teams.


Offering Subject Matter Experts in maintenance personnel, dedicated to up keeping distinctive DoD and contracted government-owned vehicles essential for mission success. Our proficiency extends to SOCOM's Family of Special Operation Vehicles (FOSOV), encompassing adeptness in meticulous maintenance planning for both scheduled and unscheduled needs. We possess the capability to engineer innovative modifications for both tactical and non-tactical vehicles. Furthermore, we excel at establishing vehicle maintenance operations, whether in garrison or austere environments, ensuring peak operational readiness.

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